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Demigods, Heroes, and Immortal things! \\BOOK REVIEW

The Trails of Apollo; The Dark Prophecy; second book.

The first two books of the trails of Apollo trilogy will surely take you places were Rick Riordan have never taken you before.
With these newly published books I have been charmed! The covers are just attractive, the presence of past characters from the Percy Jackson Series and The Heroes of Olympus totally gripped my attention, and the fact that the story is said through the –former– God’s perspective adds another punch of excitement and thrill to the books!

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It’s been about eight months (I’m bad at math!) since I wrote a review and connected with this bright world of ambitious writers! I’m ashamed of myself (and I totally and fully blame homeworks and quizzes!)

Before anything, V.E.Schwab is one of my top-five favorite writers!

At the beginning of 2018, I kidnapped two gorgeous books from my book shelve where they were rotting (and planning my death!). The graphics on the covers are eye-catching and detailed, which was the first reason I bought the books! The second was because I have seen many bookstagrammers blabbering about how unique and elating the books are, moreover, many companies were brandishing their desirable merchandise for This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet on ETSY, which i know all of you cookie-bookies out there would love to put your hands on!

Enjoy the verse below before you scroll down!

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THE RED ALARM IS ON! (September releases right here!!)

Most of these books are mind blowing and really full of fanatic evil characters! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hello, bookies! Thursday is one day close( I’m just so excited for my Owlcratebookishbox🙏🏽😍! )

1: The Grisha Trilogy

By Leigh Bardago

Magic, Fantasy.

(Followed by Six of Crows, which can be read separately, since it contains no spoilers or characters from the Grisha and anyways each series speaks about something different)

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TOP TEN BOOKS to read if you are looking for a WHOLLY NEW adventure!


Open link below to buy yourself a copy of the book(s) you like:


Beware: These books are lethally packed with surprises and cliffhangers and mysterious characters that you will fall in love with!

1: The Dark Artifices.

CASSANDRACLARE : TrilogyThe Dark Artifices; Lady Midnight; Lord of shadows.

These books have a very complicated love story, between two best friend, Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, who can’t love each other; it is literally banned by the shadowhunters law. Faeries, and half Faeries, kings and queens who want no good, and enemies who wish to take over the Blackthorn institute.

Cassandra Clare is known for her fantasy books, and The Dark Artifices books are a treasure chest of fairies, magic, love, and breakable hearts.

On top of that, The Dark Artifices has the best book covers ( which I will feature in my next post very soon!) The covers will give you underwater vibes and make you think!

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The Dark Artifices. A tale of shadowhunters\\ BOOK REVIEW

Lady Midnight, Lord of Shadows, and coming in 2019 The Queen of Air and Darkness. By Cassandra Clare.

If you haven’t heard of The Dark Artifices, you surely are living in another universe! ( though, trust me! Even demons know about Cassandra Clare, but they don’t share our enthusiasm!)

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